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Using up some of my special fabric stash

I think anyone who works with fabric or yarn has some special items tucked away, waiting for the perfect project idea. I had been saving these scraps for much longer than I would have liked and it was time to get started with a project to really emphasize what I liked best about these fabrics. Many of the fabric pieces had a hand drawn look, and the floral pieces are on the block-printed style. I love how the different elements work together to create something new while still showcasing the prints in their original form.

As with most of my projects I start working with the smallest scraps first, seeing how they combine together. Even with a monochromatic color scheme not all patterns look great side by side. I also had to carefully plan where to utilize the rabbit fabric since it is so eye-catching and this was even more difficult in that I only had a small amount of this fabric left. (Working with design constraints is more fun than you would think!) Next, using a combination of basic piecing and a " quilt as you go" technique, I gradually assembled two panels and turned them into a large totebag. I chose to make a separate base for this bag, using black fabric heavily quilted with black thread in a grid. I tend to steer away from using cream or white fabrics on the base of any large bag since I think it's likely that they will be set on the ground at some point. The base will make it easier to keep this bag clean and beautiful for years to come. I will be posting this in my shop soon.

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