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2022 Year-in-Review

While 2022 had its challenges it was also an incredibly productive and creative year for me. I completed 70 projects, everything from quilted wall hangings to handwoven scarves to experimental embroidered pieces with upcycled clothing. My work was seen at 7 art and craft shows and at 4 galleries, mostly Washington based but one in New York. I was also briefly mentioned in the newspaper in connection to one of the exhibits I was in, a complete shock to me. (Fortunately a relative spotted it in the newspaper and let me know!)

2022 was the first year that I tracked my work in detail via spreadsheets and I took more photos than usual. This was instrumental in getting an accurate picture of what I've been doing and helped me be organized enough to quickly create an artist's resume, portfolio, etc. when the situation called for it. All this to say, 2022 was the first year that I held myself accountable for my work and pushed myself. After 12 intensely busy months I have a better sense of what I'm capable of creatively, but also how many exhibits and shows i can realistically commit to.

, I do not know where 2023 is going to take me creatively. I know I will be making things but I haven't yet decided how they will be seen, where and when, etc. This is normal for this time of year. Many of the events I participate in take place in summer, fall and early winter, so January through May is usually a time of intense work in the studio where most of my inventory for the remainder of the year is made and I'm applying for shows. This is also prime time for adding new skills and trying new techniques that will keep my work fresh and interesting. I have been experimenting with new color palettes and am also researching how to repair a 4-shaft weaving loom that I recently acquired, to name a few things. I will also be making some handwoven pieces for myself which is something I almost never have time to do. So, stay tuned! Here's to a fun and creatively fulfilling 2023!

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