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Pushing the boundaries with quilting and bag-making

Working at home and social distancing has been really challenging but I've also had a lot of time to work on creative projects. With my quilting and bag-making I've thought about how to push the envelope and create some highly decorative patchwork handbags that would be practical and durable enough for daily use but also could fit into the "keepsake" category, verging on an art piece or heirloom. I'd been experimenting with making small patchwork pouches, pencil cases, etc. for awhile but had been hesitant to take the plunge and make a larger scale patchwork item. Wanting to make this bag was the push I was looking for. Creating the layout of the fabric pieces and quilting them together (quilt-as-you-go method) is incredibly time consuming but the finished product is worth it, having all of the amazing texture of a quilt but in the form of an everyday, usable item. The bag is large, it's big enough for multiple textbooks, or a laptop and lunch, etc and has a large inside pocket with multiple sections. I've made two of these since, and have about seven (7!) in the works for an upcoming show focused on wearable art.

Note: this bag has sold.

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