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News from the Weaving Side of Things!

What you are seeing in the video above is a scarf that I've finished weaving and it is now being cut away from the loom. Next step is to trim the fringes and gently handwash the scarf.

I've been weaving non-stop since January of 2021 when I purchased my new rigid heddle loom. Over the last year and 4 months I've completed close to 30 projects, everything from scarves to kitchen towels to decorative pillow covers. My loom is always set up so whenever I get the urge to weave, I'm ready to go and can spend as little as 5 minutes on a project and see progress. This is the beauty of weaving. I've included some other pictures of my daily weaving practice below.

A wool and cotton scarf in progress on the loom.

Three pillows with handwoven front covers and linen backing. These are currently available in my shop.

A stack of handwoven fabric and some matching linen, ready to be turned into handbags, pencil pouches, pillow covers and more.

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