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New Pieces Available (and in progress!)

I have been working quite a bit in my studio lately and wanted to share some of my work. I'd been thinking a bit about the different ways to hang a small quilt on the wall. I've framed some of my small quilts in the past, and while this is a really polished method of displaying the quilts it's a bit cost prohibitive. I stumbled across a tutorial showing how to use gel medium to adhere small quilts to painter's canvas. From there you can attach hardware and picture hanging wire to the back. I love that this method is free of the clear glass that traditionally goes along with a picture frame. I want to see more of the detailed stitching of the pieces without anything in front of it, you know? I've now completed 5 pieces using this method. One is shown on the left, and 4 more will be shown at a public art exhibit in NY in June. I will share more about this next month.

Image Above: "The Path" 2022, 10"H x 8"W

Available in my shop.

I am also working in some areas new to me. These "scrappy" circles are a bit tricky to sew into the background but so fun to make because each one is different. Currently this mini quilt is about 16" x 16" but I'm thinking of making it a 5x5 grid of circles, bringing the new size to over two feet on each side

In progress, not currently for sale.

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