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This piece, Lay of the Land, was featured in an exhibition in Seattle in winter of 2022 at the Columbia City Gallery. Artists picked up damaged textiles from Eileen Fisher (clothing retailer) and created new works.

This particular piece was hand-embroidered (with a couching stitch) and incorporates the seams from deconstructed clothing. Often when upcycling textiles the seams are discarded because they are too thick to work with for most applications. In contrast, I turned the seams from my Eileen Fisher clothing into cord to create this piece.


Dimensions: 12" diameter

Description: rayon, cotton and linen clothing remnants hand-embroidered to a rayon background and stretched around canvas. Traditional hanging wire in back. 


The exhibit that the piece was featured in was mentioned in the Seattle Times. You can read more about it here:


Hand-embroidered wall art

SKU: 0035
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